July 19

The clock is ticking. It's now almost one month till we leave; I can't believe how fast time flies. The car sold. Money in the bank; thanks to all involved. Then we got lent a car, and the day we gave it back, we got lent another car.

I got a call from the Finnish embassy to tell me they'd be refunding my application fee (for residence) as New Zealand citizens don't have to pay it. Money back in the bank! I still don't know what the connection between NZ and Finland is.

Speaking of New Zealand, my mother dearest and brothers are now back in the old country. Safe and sound.

We're faxing back an application for housing today so barring any unforeseen problems, we have a place to live in Jyvaskyla!

Been listening to the new Chemical Brothers album "We Are the Night"; very good. Started listening to Digitalism; incredible! Think, Daft Punk for the 21st century. Download the Idealism album.

Pray for: a job for me, a solution to moving some of our heavier items (turntables, records)