Hong Kong down, almost there...

So we end up in this hotel right, in Porvo? Turns out it's a spa; quite a luxurious place. I spent the morning in the sauna, steam room, swimming pool and hot tub. In that order. Nice little bonus that was. We eventually got back to Helsinki Vantaa and checked in once more. But lo, mysteriously our bags are now far too heavy! The new flights Finnair have us booked on have a checked baggage weight limit of 20kg each. I did my best to persuade the staff that the woman the night before had seen fit to take our bags without a question. Turns out she was likely in error, but Finnair offered to absorb half of the cost anyway. What cost, you might ask? Around 100 Euros. PER KILO! So we were looking at a bill of some 1300 Euros, just to get our bloody bags to New Zealand. At that point I decided no, I am not paying anything for this nonsense, so we began the time honoured tradition of repacking suitcases and underwear in a busy airport. "Luckily" Maija had brought a bunch of crap we didn't need, like my Claymore sized Maglight, so we were able to shed 13KG (the half way point) and not lose anything we needed at all. Finnair upheld their end of the bargain and swallowed the rest, and gracefully checked our bags through to Auckland.


From then onwards it's gone pretty much to plan, except that neither of us got any sleep on the flight. Finnair offers Sony PSPs in flight (for "the younger ones") so I spent much of the flight playing Locoroco. Which is honestly the WIERDEST video game I have EVER seen, but I rather enjoyed it. We had an otherwise uneventful flight.

Hong Kong is warm and hazy :) We took the airport express train into Hong Kong Island and walked around for a few hours. We had grabbed a bunch of maps and sightseeing brochures at the airport so we got to see a few local attractions. I hunted for the fabled underground video game and DVD stores, but all to no avail. Bah!

Anyway, Hong Kong airport is seemingly deserving of it's "Best Airport" award. It's massive, but I've not felt overwhelmed or lost at any point. And the interwebs flow free and fast. Respect! Another hour and we should be in the air.