Dear Jonathan and Maija,

Your flights have been confirmed. Tue, Dec 11 08:25 PM to 10:05 PM Helsinki, Finland (HEL) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)

Stop - Change planes in Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)

Tue, Dec 11 11:30 PM to 06:25 AM Arrive on Thu, Dec 13 Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to Sydney, Australia (SYD)

Thu, Dec 13 07:35 AM to 12:35 PM Sydney, Australia (SYD) to Auckland, New Zealand (AKL)

Sweet goodness. My mother dearest and some other kin have sprung to fly Maija and I to New Zealand for my uncle's wedding and then Christmas! And then an excellent holiday. We shan't return to these fair but frigid shores till January 25th! Wagga wagga. So we're really thrilled, and kind of in awe right now. Usually a holiday of this magnitude requires a lot of planning and saving, and you're thinking about it for years before it happens. Not so this time my friends, not so. So a big thank you and love to Mummy and Damien and Papa and anyone else who contributed.