Car for Sale

My mum leaves for New Zealand early next month, and was going to give her car to my Dad. Dad has graciously decided to give the car to us, so we can sell it when we move to Finland. Mother dearest is proposing that if someone wants to buy the car, she could arrange the change of ownership before she leaves on July 5, but payment could be deferred until mid-August if the buyer was willing to let Maija and I have some use of the car in July and August. We're happy to help out with gas and insurance costs. If it doesn't work out to share the car with us, that's OK too; the sale is the more important part.

The car is a 1998 Plymouth Neon, 4 door, sunroof, electric windows, central locking. 165,000 kms, in great over all condition. It's good on gas, so all you students, get excited!

If you're interested, drop my mum an e-mail at rpuddle [at] tacf [dot] org. She needs to know if you are interested before Wednesday evening, June 27. She'll accept the best offer she receives over $3,000.

Thanks for listening.