If you've ever played the Lord of the Rings games, namely The Two Towers, you'll remember many moments of fighting vaste hordes of enemies, for ages and ages. Swing your sword, turn behind you, swing your sword, turn back in front, repeat. This is what came to mind as I sat mesmerized by the glorious bloody carnage that is 300. I'm not going to bother giving it a rating, as ratings are purely subjective to the raters tastes. (This is actually a rule from now on, except for movies that really stand out as being near perfect.)

I enjoyed 300. 300 incredibly badass dudes (Master Chief levels af badassery), with 12-pack abbs laying waste to thousands of dirty Persians, and laughing while they go. There was just enough political intrigue and family tension to make it a complete flick, so it's not just about stabbing and slashing. Compared to Braveheart or Gladiator (which many are comparing it to) I would say though that it's simpler, and probably features a higher percentage of screen time that is blood-letting time.

That violence is pretty clean too; lots and lots of blood, and a few decapitations, but nothing too brutally torturous or barbaric. The moments not involving fighting tended to involve boobs, so consider yourself informed.

Overall: convincing performances, great soundtrack, likeable characters, followable leaders, and 300 ultimate badasses. What more could you want?