Yes well

Mike Livingston, I'll tell you about wasting company time... But what would I know about that?

Speaking of time, it seems I have none available for anyone. I've been thinking wistfully about my blog and new website, that have sat here little touched by my hands, for a while. But I've been busy, dear friends! I'm working 3 jobs at the moment, and Christmas season is always a busy one to boot.

But I'm happy to say that all of Maija and my Christmas shopping for one another, is complete. Pretty much taken care of the families too, just a few friends to take of yet. I drove 200km yesterday in pursuit of just the right gifts for my lady.

I haven't managed to find myself a copy of Gears of War, for under fair market value, yet. I beat the game with the assistance of my brothers - on Sunday - and then returned it to Blockbuster. BUY THAT GAME!

I spoke with Jim Richards tonight, Jim Richards of CFRB fame. The topic was sex and socks, and the fact that 30% of Canadians make love with their socks on. Being Canadian, and being of the making-love pursasion, I felt I was entitely to chime in. No socks for me! I said, however the wife wears em. MacGregor socks are reportedly THE socks of sex. Convenient seeing as I am descended from the MacGregor clan.

It's true.