We're all living in America

9 or so hours later and we're sitting on a bus in the beautiful city of Helsinki :) We missed our stop, so we're waiting for the bus to leave again, and I figured it'd be a perfect time to see what the wireless wares were in this fine city. I'm currently connected to Helsingin kaupungin WLAN, which Maija tells me means Helsinki City WLAN. Convenient. In the 20 minutes we've been here, we've seen:

Shell, FedEx, DHL, Cat (boots, heavy machinery), Esso, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Ricoh, Canon, Subway, McDonalds and various other Americorps. We also saw an Irish Pub and an Australian Bar.

The flight was just fine. Too long for Maija's tastes, and it was rather cramped (especially considering Finnair is not thought of as an Atlantic discount airline). The food was rather delicious, the landing was so soft everyone clapped. I watched The Sentinel, which wasn't half bad. I also read 2 issues of eWeek, and Maija read The Economist.

Cause that's how we do.