Updates - April 1

Mike Livingston pointed out to me that each time he's visited this website in the last week, there's been trouble with Islam every day! Who knew! Mike Livingston had an interview for the Univeristy of Toronto MedSchool program. He's a smart lad. Pray that he gets in. Bethany Ventura got into the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD). She's thrilled.

Jonathan Puddle paid off his VISAs, but got ripped off by dirty-rotten-turntable-swindlers. A tax refund, and one of two months in the year where I get paid three times both helped in the paying off trip to Finland, and purchasing turntables scenes. However, as I mentioned just now, something is rotten in the state of turntables. At least in the state of 1200s.com. After too long not having heard from them, and my decks not arriving, I did some research online to check if any others had had problems with this company before. Sure enough... lots of complaints. Boourns to me. So I've filed a dispute with VISA, and filed against the company with the Better Business Bureau, and the FBI's Internet Crimes Division. Hopefully I'll get my money back (which will be like getting my tax refund back, again, seeing as the VISA is already paid off).

I went to Mactier last weekend with my lovely wife, and Mel Jefferey, and Jonathan's Schunker, Morley and Buerger. We led revival meetings in the evenings, and on Saturday night I spun trance music for the young folk. Go here for the mix!

My Dad's visiting this weekend, so that'll be nice. He'll arrive here shortly with the brothers, so I should probably get dressed.

Watched Zathura last night on Pay Pew View. Quite enjoyable quasi-sequal to Jumanji.

Anyway, here's the news for April 1st:

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Mr. T Will be Playing Reepicheep in the Upcoming Price Caspian Narnia movie

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