The Internet Age: The Age of Sillyness

I've been thinking lately how the internet seems to have brought a candidness to business that I don't see paralleled elsewhere. It seems that the Age of the Internet has become in parts an Age of Sillyness. Especially when it comes to company names, identification, and other things involving names. Companies like Google and Yahoo for instance. Two of the most influential companies online today, publicly traded and all. I can't think right now of any companies before who have had such strange names and have not been niche market type companies. What about HotBot? That admittedly didn't last long in the limelight though... or BigFoot. How about Red Hat Linux, or anything Linux really. What about Skype? Napster even.

Similar is accepted forms of ID. I called Xbox Live Customer Support a few days ago to cancel my membership. I was immediately asked what my gamertag was; I felt a little funny having to say - and spell - RancorDeath. But it could have been worse! Ipwnnewbs, for instance, or W0lfT1t$. Or any of these:

ViewtifulVirus Splinter21 bendak DazedNConfuzed GrumpyMicrobe sinisterDonkey Divine Tyrant StormHawk CureYouAllMen WastedAdvance SittingDuck85 Clawgrip DJ Doubledown Frankie

I could go on forever.

What made it acceptable for an adult male to say RancorDeath to another adult male, without one of them laughing? The Internet I say... and maybe it was a good thing too.