Tallinn, Day 4

Tallinn, the capitol of Estonia, is very possibly the most beautiful city Maija and I have ever been in. As mentioned, the cruise is quite affordable, though you don't get a cabin unless you pay extra for one. At 3 hours, a cabin's not really necessary (though we chose to get one for the ride home, as we were both exhausted). The ship featured a few bars and cafes, and a large market, with the widest selection of alcohol I've ever seen in one place. It also featured some of the largest bottles of alcohol we'd ever seen.

Estonia buys and spends with the Kroon. One Euro is about 15 Kroon, so allow yourself to be alarmed at the prices, but then settle back into sweet realisation that Estonia's actually pretty cheap.

We took LOADS of photos in Tallinn, so here's but a smattering of what you'll find over on flickr.

Ridiculously large bottle, onboard the ship The Leader

City scape Cityscape of Tallinn

Tourist Outside the walls of the old city of Tallinn

Beautiful church Church

View from inside tower of church From inside the church

View from the top Old city

Olde Hansa (medieval restaurant) Old Hansa, and a town cryer

The item I tried to order, but unfortunately was told the hunting season didn't start till September. Recently they had had some available due to a hit & run, but not today. Bear