Sick on Saturday

I've come down with a sore throat. I think it's mostly due to working too hard and not sleeping enough, but the smoggy strange weather we're having could have helped also. So, that leaves me sitting at home in my pajamas playing on my new Xbox 360. It's pretty flippin awesome. I can plug my iPod into it and listen to alls my muzic, I can plug in the digital camera and view all of our Montreal pictures. When networked with my desktop PC, I can stream pictures and music from my computer to the Xbox. It's got USB ports for connectivity, so the wired controllers can also be plugged into your PC, or potentially, your PS3.

The Xbox Live Arcade is the sweetness. Right now I'm downloading a bunch of old games to play. You purchase Microsoft Points which you can then cash in to buy games, and skins. It's a little hurting on my slow slow internet, but I'm thinking of upgrading my Rogers service.

How can I afford to upgrade, you might ask. Well, I've been offered an exciting new job! I shan't say anymore about it until it's either confirmed or negated, but it's a great position, with a good team, making some "serious mullah with Uncle Rico." In any case, I will still be putting work in at TACF, so don't panic friendly TACF employees.

I had quite an enjoyable birthday celebration on the weekend. Dad flew in from New Brunswick for the occasion. Sunday night saw a bunch of go out to Panorama Lounge for drinks. No wait, Panorama was booked, for a wedding. So we went round to Hemingways who told us there was no way we were getting in. Thankfully, Remy's saved the day and we all got to eat, drink and be merry, afterall.

Also, the new TACF webstore launched this week. It's been a nightmarish process, but it's finally beginning to ease up. Well, ease up for me at least, not for those poor souls taking the phone calls.