Tonight after playing too much Fable: The Lost Chapters I tidied the house and then cooked dinner. I retrieved rice from the pasta drawer, meat from the fridge (it had now thawed) and vegetables from the drawers in the bottom of the fridge. Time to cook a stir-fry! Everything was going great until my wife, upon arrival home, asked me why I was cooking orzo. I guess the fact that I pulled the "rice" from the pasta drawer should have tipped me off. But oh well. So, she made rice, which we finished the stir-fry with... and I added milk and butter and cream-cheese and herbs to the orzo.

So, the question is: What should I have for lunch tomorow? Rice or orzo? Rorzo?

In other news, why wife is very very attractive and I think I might get some tonight. And by "some" I mean neither rice nor orzo.

Oh, and Greg Benz is a superb DJ.