Romantic Getaway Long Weekend 06

Nous sommes arrivees a la Ville Marie vendredi, or better known in present day as Montreal. Its been pretty romantic, although with some disruptions from Jonathan's work. So the only un-romantic bits have been him fixing things on the computer, defragmenting hard drives, and answering questions. But we have been able to capitalize on cuddling time so that has been amazing. You know those couples who sit on the same side in the restaurant benches (instead of across from eachother) so they can hold eachother while they eat. Yup that's us, sorry Beth... I know those customers used to make you barf. Yesterday we went to the Biodome, for a fun day. You can see some of our pictures on flickr. We had to wait 20 minutes in line to get in. Just when we got to the front, I was engrossed in a conversation of a new form of capitalism that was socially responsible to humans and to the environment, so I missed a couple budding in front of us. Jonathan mentioned it later to me, knowing that if he'd mentioned it at the time, I would have tore them up and sent them to the back of the line with their tails between their legs. But my romantic husband didn't tell me and didn't do anything about it because he a) acts very Chrisitan like and b) did not want to ruin our romantic mood. ((And yes I know him well, so I know these are the real reasons, and not any cowardly ones you maybe thinking.)) So much for my socially responsive capitalism. Well I suppose we both balance eachother out, me enjoying confrontation maybe too much and him choosing humility most of the time. Jonathan just got home from the bakery with fresh bagette and chocolate croissantes so I'd better go get breakfast.