Review: Methodology

The CD release party was a fun fun time. DJ Shagz spun a couple of great sets, mixing funky soul with a bit of hip hop. Methodology played a pretty good show, with two sets, the second featuring some special guests. Most notable was Nick "The Brownman" Ali, who I had not heard of but is evidently one of the best young jazz trumpeters in Toronto. The venue, Revival, was a very cool place with room for about 150, with brick interior walls, a high black ceiling, fabric draping from the ceiling to the walls, and candles burning in recessed windows. I seriously recommend you check out Methodology. They have some serious talent, and I'm excited to see what happens for them next.

In other news, the hunt for my misplaced wedding ring continues apace, and there shall be no prayer night at our place this Thursday, as I shall be joining Edward King to spin records for the School of Ministry graduation ceremony.