Parent skills

If you were alarmed upon reading that title, thinking Maija is pregnant, you are correct! HA! I lied.

But to set the record straight, we have decided that the only thing stopping us from having children now is financial instability. We are both quite eager to put forth a family, so once I get me a serious cash-flowin' job, and we pay off some debt, then you'll know what to expect. Incidentally, if you'd particularly like to see us have children now, we figure $50k would be enough to pay off the various banks and international governments that hound us, and get us ready for the youngens.

Anyway. Parent skills! While washing and drying the dishes, my wife doing the former, I the latter, we discussed parent skills. Dishwashing and drying is of course a most venerable one, but we hit upon driving. We both distinctly remember holding our parents in the highest esteem for their driving abilities. Things like: - Knowing when the yellow line was double, so you weren't allowed to pass. How could anyone be so observant? - Being able to read all the road signs from a useful distance. How could anyone really read that fast? - Remembering to use the blinker EVERY time they turned a corner.

A veritable treasure trove of skills. Not unlike wife skills. I think this conversation came up because of a video I saw today of a 7 year old driving a pickup truck, getting chased by The Man.

While you're pondering these things, go and listen to Eighties, by Yilmaz. Simply genius.