Molson Grand Prix, care of CDW Canada

My sales rep from CDW took me (and my brother) out to the qualifying round of the Molson Grand Prix yesterday. I'd never even been to the Exhibition grounds, let alone the Grand Prix. The CNE and the various events that take place in and around the grounds have always eluded me, and will do so this year as well because of our trip to Finland next month. Last year - I'm told - a few days before the race one of the cars lost its sponsor, so a quick bid was put in by CDW. They won the sponsorship, so the car was quickly painted, and 4 days later that car won the Grand Prix. This year they've made it official right from the beginning: this is their car, and they (hopefully) are going to win again. Driven by Justin Wilson, the team qualified second yesterday, coming in a mere .557 seconds behind the leader.

Having never been to the Grand Prix, I had no idea how loud it was going to be. I was talking to some people at the party last night, near Eglinton and Bayview, and they said during the weekend they can hear the cars all the way from the track.