Mama, I'm coming hoooome

We'll be leaving for the airport in about an hour. I had to flex my mighty packing muscles to get everything into our two suitcases... 50€ worth of chocolate alone (plus new shoes, clothes, and other gifts) made for a tighter squeeze than we had coming over. Jeremy, we're still using one of the suitcases you gave us. Oh yeah... and 110€ worth of vinyl! That precious cargo has been carefully stashed inside Maija's carry-on. I spent 3 hours record shopping last night with Juice, a comrad of Maija drove out to Porvo with her girls and forgot to take the camera, because she was fussing with the iPod. Pitty the forthcoming Zune (which looks pretty sweet) doesn't have a camera built-in either.

So, we've had an awesome time. I'm sad to leave our old and new friends, but we are both look forward to different things at home. Maija looks forward to our kitchen, and cooking herself a meal. I look forward to finally cleaning off our balcony an purchasing an automated machine gun to take care of the pigeons. And yes... I do look forward to going back to work; I've been thinking of all sorts of interesting things I'll change when I get back, particularly security related. You can thank the copy of TQ I brought with me for that.