Library, record shopping, Billabong

I hit up Metropolis Records today for some records, and am considering never shopping there again. Their record selection has really become quite hopeless, especially when it comes to trance. I went birthday shopping for Maija at Billabong, and picked her up a "tasty" bra from Condom Shack (think, candy necklace... aaaahahahah). Then met up with her at the mighty Toronto Reference Library.

I want to write about thought provoking things again. I'm thinking about a lot of interesting things (well, I find them interesting), but I seem to be having trouble getting those thoughts onto web-enabled paper.

Recent thoughts: - Glad Steven Harper is keeping troops in Afghanland. - Wondering what impact the tax cuts will have on prices of products, and on tax refunds. Would you rather pay more tax during the year, but get more back later? Or have more money during the year... more money of course being the extra 4 cents you'll get to keep. - Speaking of 4 cents, the TTC are losers for only giving a $4 credit on new bus passes, due to the recent strike. I thought people really over-reacted to that, and was amazed at the naivete of certain radio personalities (they couldn't understand how people weren't aware it would happen - excuse me, you work for the radio, it's your job to be informed. Shut up). - Al-Zarqawi's been killed. Seems like a good thing to me, but how many kids was he idol to, that will now step up? - The ceasefire between Israel & Palestine has broken, just for a change...