Lahti, Heinola, back to Helsinki, days 9 - 13

We spent a couple more days in Lahti and then moved on Heinola, to stay with Maija's friend Hanna. We took it easy in Heinola. Woodland Attacker Birch trees in their natural environment

Ridin da bikes Hanna, and Maija

Diving into friggid water Getreadyforthecold

The Oldest Tree in Heinola Old Man Willow

J Puddy - "The Cool" Wagga wagga

Rowin da boat Maija's a real pro-star oarsman

Hanna's Dad, Hanna, Maija, and the dawgs Fambly

We visited Sea Life, a large aquarium and show area, inside Helsinki's amusement park. Fush

Pudd & Maija, on the rocks please Rockjocks

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