Lahti, Days 7 and 8

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We've spent the last 2 days taking it easy, so there's not been to much exciting to report. We did a little shopping and visited a beautiful church, and have been hanging out with some awesome people that I'm profoundly sad to leave. Luckily, Heinola (where we head to tomorrow) is only 30 minutes away, so Veikko said he'd likely come and hang out with us some more.

Downtown Lahti Lahti

Lahti's Market Square (albeit an empty market square) Market

Company at Santa Fe (sans wife) The Puddy, Veikko, Johanna

Beautiful Old Church Church outside Lahti

Graveyard Surrounding Church Flowers and tombstones

Stairs we climbed to a tower Steps and a white tower

View from said tower Lakes (with bugs in the frame)

Company at dinner (sans one off to the right) Veikko has a goofy face

Robert's Coffee for breakfast Robert's Coffee

Cabin for sauna, and fun with candles Cabin for Sauna

Kaisu, and fun with candles Blonde Finn, and wild candles

Sunset in Lahti Beautiful

Don't tell anyone, but we might move here.