I'm a bad blogger

I've clearly annoyed the masses with my lack of posting. Perhaps it was all a ploy to see how many people read this... or perhaps it was something far more intriguing and occuring within intense 1 hour episodes amounting to a total of one day in the life of Jack Bauer... Or perhaps there was a series of simple busynesses (or businesses) that when applied at the same time with equal amount of pressure, to the same location, resulted in this particular blogger not getting any action for a month.

And by action, in this case I mean sweet sweet blogging action. Not "action" action, cause I got nuff o' dat this last month.

So what have I been up to? Work. Loads and loads of work. You can begin to see the fruits of some of our labour at store.tacf.org. That will very shortly replace resources.tacf.org for a miriad of reasons which I shall let Mike Livingston point out when he comments on this post. And comment he will, because he reads this on an almost daily basis, and has thus been disapointed on an almost daily basis.

I, alternately, have been satisfied on an almost daily basis. Read: "action".

Anyway, don't buy anything on that store because at this stage we'll take your money and not give you any product. Much like 1200s.com. Remember them? (Read: dirty rotten turntable swindlers.) Well, as it stands right now I have no turntables, but - mysteriously - twice my money back. I feel that I shall have the last laugh. And he who laughs last, laughs loudest. Or laughs longest.

Certainly, he (or I as the case may be) laughs the loneliest. But I shall laugh nonetheless!