Helsinki, Day 3

Today was a bit like yesterday, TO THE MAX! We shopped for what I deemed to be far too long of a time. Too long for my feet, and too long for my wallet also, but what's a loving husband to do? We took the train today instead of the bus. Train station

Everyone in Helsinki rides bikes. They have their own sidewalk. Bikes everywhere

Tori (Market) Market

Helsinki's huge cathedral Cathedral in Helsinki

It's not everyday that you see Mercedes Ambulances, especially one giving another a boost Ambulance needs a boost

One of Helsinki's icons Pipes

We walked through a forest and went swimming in a cold cold lake. Here's Suski mentally preparing herself for the task at hand. Suski

Forest boy. Pudd with a bubble

Tomorrow will see us going to Tallinn, the capitol city of Estonia! (The cruise is only 36 Euros!)

Remember, there's lots more photos on flickr.