Google - Ambassador of the Free (with ads) World

I've read on Slashdot that Google is already facing lawsuits after it's recent acquisition of YouTube. In a nutshell, a lot of the content on YouTube is deemed to be copyright material, and the television and movie networks have been looking for someone to sue. YouTube didn't have much of a legal face, until now. Shel Israel (a well-known author and blogger) writes a great article on his perspective of the pending Google vs. Hollywood.

To put current (antiquated) copyright laws in contrast (which I think a lot of people are familiar with; you basically can't do anything with stuff that's not yours), open source software often comes with licenses that allow you to some or all of the following: - Freely use the software - Freely distribute the software to others - Freely modify the code of the software - Freely take parts of the software and incorporate it into your own software - Freely SELL THE SOFTWARE TO OTHERS and make money off something someone else made