Filthy Mac Propaganda

Just checked my e-mail: mac propaganda

In response:

A. - Nope. B. - Nope. C. - Nope. D. - Nope.

In the last 30 days, I've had the dubious pleasure of using an Intel Mac and a classic Mac (9.2). The Intel Mac we bought shortly after they were released. It was really great, for about a week. After that it's been unstable, programs freeze and crash, sometimes the whole system becomes unresponsive, and don't even let me start with the "spinning disk of agravation."

Today, and last week I used a classic Mac, running on Mac OS 9.2. Let me describe my experience this way: I would rather use Windows ME for a year than have to use that for a week.

Our Mac users must be some of the most patient staff we have. They: - put up with manual changes if we ever move files around our servers - deal with unreliable AFP and SMB connections to our file servers - can't print to all our printers - have to look at the spinning disk... I swear I'd rather look at 50 Windows BSODs rather than that spinning disk - slow access to Firewire drives. It took me 4 hours to format a Lacie 300GB drive last week

You've likely seen the series of TV spots with the trendy Mac personification and the old rusty PC dude. Ever see the one that says Mac talks to all peripherals and understands other languages? (They're referring to digital cameras and such.) Are they serious!?! What a joke! We have a wealth of peripherals that we can't get to work with a Mac, including digital cameras, printers, and scanners... and they tell us that's what Mac does best.

And as to "Great out of the box," its taken one of our senior staff almost a year to even get comfortable with her iBook. Up until this week, she would tell me all the time how she wasn't sure it had been such a good purchase.

Oh man. Normally I have a lot of respect for Mac and their products - because quality speaks for itself - but please don't fill my inbox - and my internet - with such bollocks.