Fenelon Falls 06

Right now I'm lieing on the grass, 2 metres from the beautiful lake. The sun is shining, there's a cool breeze, and bugs are starting to crawl on my laptop :) We'll be going to sauna any minute now, and then a swim in the lake, I think. I'd upload the pictures, but I left the camera cable at home. You'll have to wait till I get back.

Time to go; leaves are getting stuck in my keyboard. Tomorrow we're going to Sandbanks Provincial Park again; I know for a fact that I don't get EvDO or 1x signal out there... so no access for me :D

-Update: I cut my foot quite handily on a rock, so that counted me out of any more swimming and sauna-ing, but it's not too bad really. The wounding occured on the second time in the water, after the second time in the sauna.