I gave the umbrella to my beautiful wife this morning... that said, even if I hadn't given it to her I might not have taken it myself. I don't like umbrellas. If only I had had some idea of the wetting I would receive.

Plus, I'm wearing new boots today. When I left the house I thought to myself, "Self, lets put on boots, that way if anything happens, at least our feet will be dry." The unfortunate part of new boots is the breaking-in process, which would have happened on whatever day I first wore them. But for it to happen today was just cruel.

So as I left the bus to walk up Attwell Drive, I cunningly took of my sweater and walked in wife-beater-alone in the rain, thus minimizing my drying time once I got to work.

So now - as planned - my feet and torso are nice and dry... but I think I'm developing leg rot.