Watch this space

This just in: The Puddle MacLeod wedding will be broadcast live to the internet!

Some logistics have still to be worked out but I'll post the links here beforehand, so anyone wanting to tune in can do so. There should be 2 feeds, one for those with slow internet, and one for those with high speed internet.

ALSO: My sly sly family have managed to pool the wull over my eyes, but revealed their secret to me tonight. My Uncle Owen and Auntie Kathryn are coming to the wedding!!! AAHHHHHH! Owen was here last year... or earlier on in the year, I don't remember. But I haven't seen Kathryn in maybe 6 years? I don't remember if I saw her on one of my visits home.

So... I'm very excited. They arrive tomorrow at 6am. It turns out everyone knew but me. I'm touched.