Of the brief variety

Damien had his surgery today. He's now got a plate inside his jawbone and bear-trap-like braces on his teeth. Thankfully he didn't require the wiring-shut-of-the-mouth technique, but he's still in a crappy situation. Further prayers are desired :)

Maija and I have found an apartment that we want, and when we went to hand in the papers today we got offered an even bigger one for the same price. So, that's exciting. We've been given a really great deal for the first+last month rent, so that's also an answer to prayer. We've still been receiving gifts of money from people, some anonymous, so thank you all so much and may God bless you guys abundantly! I'm still praying in a second job, or more mystery envelopes as there are a couple of holes still to fill, but God has been beyond faithful so far!

Dad's here for the week, on account of Damien's injury.

...Nothing else.