To St. John, to St. Stephen, to Moncton, to Sackville

That's been the last 3 days. Journeyors are we!

As I promised, mid day Friday we drove down to St. John from Charlottetown. We met up with Jacob McMurphMiester at Boston Pizza. I was greeted with a congratulatory slap in the face, and then a Jacob sized hug. Following that we went to The Alehouse for dinner. I ordered the Prime Rib expecting some prime ribs. Sadly, and yet not-so-sadly, I received a steak instead. After the food, we took in Star Wars Episode III.

Oh my freaking goodness. See it now, you must!

Then we drove "home" to St. Stephen. Saturday we woke up, met the infamous blogger Jeremy Wright, and his lovely wife and 2 sons. We took in a leisurely breakfast at 2pm. A little sight seeing was done, as much as there is to do in St. Stephen, and then we rented The Forgotten. It's not too bad, but doesn't really resolve it's self particularly well.

Sunday morning we got up and strolled into church rather late. I very much enjoyed the church - a small Vineyard congregation. We had met the pastor and his wife the day before. Lovely people. What I particularly enjoyed about the service was that his sermon was short, concise, nicely layed out for all to see in Powerpoint form, and you could easily say at the end exactly what his sermon was about. And I learned cool things from it. When was the last time I left TACF on a Sunday and could tell you exactly what the sermon was about?!

After church we drove straight to Moncton. We chatted and dined with some friends there, and then drove on to Sackville, which is where we are now. We'll be here until Tuesday morning when we depart for the airport.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as an engaged couple. :)