The Quest for Groove

The hunt is on.

If anyone can find me a legitimate copy of the CD Ambient Groove, I will pay you 50$ CAN.

I've been trying to find this CD for ages, and have all but given up. I have a burned copy, but the quality is bad, and I want to find the real deal.

The only information I can give you about the CD is that it may (or may not) be a follow up to the CD Ambient Theology, by Virus. Theology was released by NSoul records, so Groove might have been as well, but I'm not 100% convinced that it's even by the same artist.

The CD is really ambient chillout music. Track 9 has the biggest bass line you'll every hear. Ever. Track 10 has an amusing sample of an old man saying, "I don't like complications. The same in music. I like what is natural. I listen to what the music wants, and I try to do my best." Or something along those lines.

Update: I'm now pretty convinced that the CD is not by Virus. The challenge is still on though.