Sunday morning, all's quiet

I just drank some gin and feel a little dizzy. It was a mere mouthful (like honestly, a small swig), but I haven't really ate or drunk much yet today. And I haven't actually had gin on it's own before.

My lovely wife has swimming evaluations this morning, so she's off at the pool. I am left to pursue my boyish pursuits... videos games, and cleaning, washing and vaccuuming. I would love to spin some records right about now, but my headphones are still at my mother's house. No dice.

Our new apartment is pretty flippin awesome. I might put some pictures up here later on today. We got given a very nice digital camera for our wedding. Here's an interesting thought: Every time I go to tell someone about things we were given, I have a tendency to think "given it for Christmas." I guess gifts and Christmas are fundamentally linked in my brain.

I had another thought the other day. Maija recommended I not share it, but I told her I don't care if I offend people. This is a thought... not a philosy, or an outlook on life. I actually had many thoughts the other day, and many today...

This particular thought was:

What if God loves us so much...
God in his infinite knowledge is aware that his Son's return won't be for many years. He is therefor aware that given the way we run this planet, we will have created a humanitarian/ecological/societal hell for ourselves by the time he does come back. So, in his infinite mercy he allows for two (so far) incredibly damaging hurricanes to hit the South Easterly regions of the United States. In the ensueing loss of human life, and increase of gas prices* we are forced to re-evaluate our priorities, and our gas guzzling society. So we forge new technologies, and rely less on oil**. And God, because he loves us so much, has made things a little more bearable as the long years roll on until his Son's return.

* Interesting that the two worst things that can happen in the world are loss of human life, and increase in gas prices. Wierd...

** Interesting also that I'm sure people will move away from oil based resource consumption, but they won't move onto something inherintly better for the planet. They'll just not rely on oil anymore. So, in 30 years when there's a massive hydrogen explosion and half of England sinks beneath the sea, we'll move on to something else. Lithium-Ion anyone?