Review: Resonate

This being pretty much my first outing to a Toronto club, (the secret is revealed) I had a good time. Resonate was put on by 2 the Beat records, a place I shop at.

Venue: System Soundbar. It featured 3 rooms, one house, one drum and bass, and the main room techno. The house room was kindof the loser room, and the DnB room was kindof the devil's room, so it was all techno all the time!

Sound: The room is not too big, maybe 75 could fit with room to dance, and there are 4 speaker stacks in the four corners of the room. To be honest, I wasn't very impressed with the sound setup. The bass was overly distorted and the room was too loud in general. Standing anywhere but the exact middle of the room caused definite ear pain. But it wasn't so bad you were distracted.

Vibe: Everyone was there to have a good time and the overall sleaze level was minimal. I was discussing this with Maija - this middle ground party scene. It's not really a rave, cause raves have mostly died out in this city. It's also not really a club, cause it's there's techno music and that's a bit to underground to Toronto's nightclubs. So... it's somewhere in the middle, which I enjoyed. It means it lacks the drug induced euphoria of a rave, but also lacks the sleazy pick-up dudes of a nightclub. But it's just underground enough that most everyone was there because there were sweet DJs and banging choons.

DJs: We left shortly before 2am, so we only took in two DJs: Isis, the chicky from Halifax, and Jelo (I guess from Toronto). Jelo... both thumbs, way high!

Overall: I say 3.5/5 It was definetly a fun time, only sacrificed by the pained eardrums and the fact that techno is not my number one choice. But for what it was, it was a good time.