Review: King Kong

If I had to describe the movie in just a few words, I would use words like: incredible, artful, moving, mind-blowing, thrilling... you know. Honestly, I was thoroughly impressed. It's long... at it had it's weak spots, but it's an amazing movie. Quite likely the best movie I've seen this year. Go see it.

I mean, we're talking three on one T-Rex vs. Kong battles, Kong vs. inhabitants of New York City battles, and of course, the classic Kong vs. Airplanes... and so much more. The scope of this film is what totally blew me away. There were so many spots when any other director would have stopped the camera rolling, but Jackson goes the distance: throwing in all kinds of stuff that I can't specify without spoiling the movie.

Acting wise... everyone was on the money. Jack Black was a surprise hit, but to really appreciate his role you need to wait till the movie's done to judge. I did have a bit of trouble seeing past the rock star, but once I did, it was all great. Naomi Watts... wow. Superb. Adrien Brody seemed to need a bit of time getting going near the start, but then he too shined. The rest of the supporting cast were great as well.

The effects were also incredible. There were however a few shots nearer the beginning where I almost booed out-lout at the bad CGI, but honestly, they must have spent ALL their time on Kong and the other beasties. You WILL think they filmed with a real animal. I promise.

Just go see the movie. It's action packed, it's moving, it's powerful, it also has a create message about beauty and what Hollywood superstars end up doing to the things they love. 9/10

And... I leave for Florida tomorrow. For a week. Have fun in the cold suckahs!