Restrospective Perspective

I just downloaded Free Download Manager. I downloaded it using my current download manager, Download Accelerator Plus, which I have been loyal to for many years ever since I stopped using Getright back in the 90's. (Hehe, that sounds funny.)I wonder how DAP feels - if it knows that I just used it to download it's replacement. Given that knowledge, I wonder if it would have behaved differently: downloaded faster, used less advertising. Who knows? Truth be told I just wanted a smaller footprint.

On a vaguely similar note (which is actually what this post is about) my wife and I had a discussion about what it would have been like to see Jesus. Specifically, given the knowledge that this man was in the process of saving your sins and changing mankind's relationship with God forever, what would it have been like to have seen him with your own two eyes? We came up with a few interesting thoughts.

Firstly, what if you could travel back in time with the knowledge you have now and see Jesus - see it all playing out. If Jesus saw you, what would he say? What would the Son of God say to someone travelling through time, possibly the only person who really understood what He was about to do? Would Jesus feel a sense of kinship in your shared knowledge, or would he rebuke you saying that there's plenty you need to focus on in your time period so leave the time traveling out?

Given the possibility that no one else understood, I have to ask, did anyone alive at the time really understand Christ's mission? The disciples didn't seem to, for the most part. John the Baptist maybe? If John the Baptist did, then he was truly gifted with focus because he continued on his God appointed task, and didn't follow after Jesus the whole time. I'm pretty sure if I knew what was about to go down I'd follow Jesus like UV rays follow the fair-skinned.

If someone alive at that point did understand, what a rush that would be. Imagine having been born, say 20 years before Jesus, growing up in a world where there didn't seem to be any quick way to be forgiven, and God was a distant and possibly volatile Great-grandfather, rather than a Daddy. Imagine hearing about Jesus, understanding the Scriptures and seeing crystal clear what he was here for and what meant for the human race. What a trip that'd be!