Quote of the Day

"Good day everyone!

Tomorrow my lovely fiancé and I will be getting married! How sweet is that?! So, for those of you who live further a field, we have arranged for the wedding to be broadcast over the internet. In order to watch, you will need to have Windows Media Player installed. If you do not have that installed, hit this link.

The wedding will begin at 1pm Eastern Standard Time. To find out what time that is in your locale, hit this link.

So, once you have woken up early, or stayed up late, to watch the ceremony you will need to hit this link.

You will then be asked for a username and password. If you are using dial-up internet, or some other slower form of internet, your username will be “wedding_lospeed” and your password will be “jonathan_maija”. If you are using high speed internet, your username will be “wedding_hispeed” and your password will also be “jonathan_maija”.

Once you have logged in, you should be at the live stream page. It will say “Revive TV.” If you ended up at a different page, simply click on “Revive TV” along the top of the page. From there, the video should load and you can watch live.

If you have any problems tuning in, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do, but there’ll be a DVD made.

Thanks to everyone for your love, prayers and support.

Jonathan and Maija"