Off to NB

Maija and I are currently in Toronto Airport, waiting for our flight to leave. The keyboard I;m typing on sucks. Ahh well. we're going to New Brunswick and PEI for 5 days.

If you name is Jacob Murphy, Jeremy Or Shannon Wright, Stephen Pudddle, Bary MacLeod, or Anakin Skywalker, we'll be seeing you very soon. :)

hi... ya i'm so pumped and the koard feels like a cell phoe ky pad. o to better news one day i'm going to dive a four wheeler around the airport and delivery the elderly to their flights. even if its just to study foor a movie role. sorry 'out the keybard.

God bless everyon. I'll post again some time soon.


Pudd. And Maija. who is beautiful and wondrous.