Matt made a very important observation, and that my profile was outdated. I am no longer a boyfriend, and am no longer a mail room clerk. The problem has been rectified.

ZEO last night went pretty good, but not a lot of people showed. Included in the no shows were (just as I suspected) most of the young adults (where my friends mostly are). To add insult to injury, this page encourages the young adults to stay in the church building, and the youth only to go to ZEO.
Thanks for not representing. Heaven forbid you have to worship to a style other than alternative/pop/rock.

Yesterday's biannual School of Ministry milk chugging contest was quite a sight to behold. Each contestant was given 1 hour and 3 litres of milk to prove their manhood, or as was also the case: womanhood. Much hilarity and vomiting ensued.

Also, 190 years ago today, Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo.