Damien and I went to my soon-to-be place of abode to continue painting. We're almost done. In the elevator on the way up we met a woman, around 50 years of age. A friendly lady, who held the elevator for us as we carried our armfuls of stuff in. A woman who had a bit too much cleavage... but had a Star of David around her neck. A woman who smelled like she had been smoking... and had bright green hair!

I hope all the tenants of our new apartment are this interesting!

Last night Maija was thrown another secret bridal shower, which resulted in her getting to the apartment around 11:30. I'd been painting since shortly after 7, so I was well and truly exhausted. When I eventually hit the couch back at mum's place I found myself praying fervently... I even clasped my hands together and spoke lovingly to my Jesus. The prayers of a beyond exhausted man are an interesting, beautiful thing.

My thoughts have been on New Orleans and the other areas devasted by the hurricane, today. It's terrible, the stuff happening there. People driven insane with desperation, shooting at cops and rescuers, looting shops. From what I hear on the news gangs seem to be ruling the city and people are trapped in the Convention Centre. They talk of rape and murder, bodies left in the street. The stuff of movies and "other parts of the world."

But... this is the media we're talking about. I read one news headline that said, "Gas jumps 50c in one day!" The article went on to clarify that that only applied to one particular state.

So... who knows the accuracy of such reports... but it's all terrible anyway. I can only liken it to a zombie outbreak. "They're infected... with RAGE!!"