New Website

So, you've found your way to the new J Puddy site. Congrats!I've spent a couple of weeks getting everything here tidied up. I hope you like the look and feel of it, it's been a big learning curve for me.

Take some time and look around the site. If you scroll down a little you'll see the latest pictures I've uploaded to Flickr, plus recent comments and a search box. All my posts have been categorised, and you can see the list of categories below the Flickr images. The list is weighted, so the more posts there are in a specific category, the larger the text shall be. If you scroll further down you'll see my most recent posts on the left side, and my recently spun Mix Sets on the right. Below the posts there are my site feeds, plus some validators if you're interested that side of things.

Along the top you've got navigation options, including an archive of the posts on this site. (You've probably already noticed that I've migrated all my posts from the old blog to here.) If you're wanting to find a specific post or subject, using the search box on the main page is the best option.

Talking of migration, I unfortunately was unable to import my comments from the old blog. I tried... but I couldn't make it work, and Haloscan only ever kept the last 6 months or so of comments. So I said forget it. I commend you to go and comment on all my old stuff.

If you find parts of the site that don't work right, or you find that I'm missing something important that might have been on the old site. Or if you're just unhappy... leave a comment. And if you're a happy camper, and love the hours of working Maija's let me put in, you can leave a comment too.