Life, and death

Currently I am more happy and more alive than I have ever been my entire life. I feel now like life has been an unopened flower: a rather attractive unopened flower, with but a few thorns, it's potential still unknown.And now it seems the flower has blossomed into a beautiful rose. It's petals are still slowly pushing further outward, and it's getting more beautiful and more fragrant as the hours go by. Or days and weeks in my case. Tomorrow will mark 2 months of being married to the most beautiful woman in the world.

Life, is amazing.

This weekend Maija and I visited her grandparents in Kingston. Maija's grandparents speak Finnish, and a little English. That is to say, they used to speak fluent English but as the years have advanced on them, they are slowly but steadily forgetting their English. Which is fine... except that it does make communication a little difficult at times. I felt just like Ibn in The Thirteenth Warrior, thrown in with a bunch of Vikings, desperately trying to understand their language.

Maija's grandfather is 86. He hasn't got many years left as his health is not the best. It was really... thought provoking... to see pictures of them at their wedding, and not recognise either of them. It made me think a lot about life, the progression of life, and then the wee hours before death. I really wonder if I shall grow old and grey - or better yet, bald - or if the Good Lord will return before that happens. I have always thought he wouldn't come back in my life time, but the thought of myself dieing and leaving Maija behind, or visa versa, really affected my thoughts on Christ's return. I still think he'll come later, but I'm really beginning to hope he comes sooner.

In any case, I stumbled across something on my cousin's blog today. I recomend you read it (her blog), she's very cool. Her dad left a comment recently with a quote from his father (my grandfather). I never met him, as he died when my own father was eleven. Being the only grandparent currently dead, he's always been a source of intrigue to me. My grandmother dispelled some of his mystery when she wrote a book of memoirs based on their letters to each other during World War 2. Anyway, here's what my uncle had to say:

"He was in hospital after his massive heart attack that was to kill him just a few days later. He was in a lot of pain and feeling quite down, what he said [to me, which I have never forgotten] was this. "Son, it is like I am in dense fog, I can't see anything at all especially what's ahead of me, but all I know is this, my hand is tightly held by Jesus and he stands way above this fog, he knows whats ahead of me and is guiding me there and that is good enough for me." Two days later he was with Jesus for eternity."

It just about brings tears to my eyes. I'm really, really looking forward to meeting him - but I think I can wait another 65 years or so.