Wednesday I had an absolutely crap-tastic day at work. Thursday was fine, but I developed a death-strength headache. Yesterday was sunny and beautiful. Today is sunny and beautiful. Somehow all my worries and frustrations have dematerialized.

I finished reading Hey Nostradamus. I highly recommend it. It's a tale told by four people, revolving around how their lives are changed by a high school shooting. Some parts are beautiful, some are heart-wrenching. It's an amazing look into the human condition, and how we can feel so lost and like God has forsaken us all. But as we look back over things, we eventually see how close God was to us the whole time, and how he aches to be more involved than we let him.

That's a lesson I learned about 8 months ago. It was when my parents separation was in it's early stages, and I was still trying to figure out what I even believed about my dad and his beliefs. I was angry with God for not fixing it. Thankfully, he stopped me and said, "Jonathan, who do you think you are? I care more about your dad than you ever can. I want what's best for him more than you want anything it."

*Slap* A much needed one.

God's been very good to me in that regard, swiftly bringing illumination to my unGodly attitudes and expectencies.