If you could...

..pray for my brother Damien, that'd be great.

He messed up a tooth and fractured his jaw playing rugby this morning. He's currently in Sunnybrook hospital awaiting surgery. He's doing pretty good, but he's in considerable pain and is bored out of his mind.

I took the Xbox with me this evening to give him something to do, but the sly hospital have the wiring set up backwards. The TV connection which I pulled out of the wall requires a female connector, so tomorow I'll bring in a gender bender and make it work. No hospital shall defy me!

His surgery is due on Monday or Tuesday, which I think involves a plate being put into his jaw to close the fracture, and then his jaw will be wired shut for 3 weeks. So pray for a swift recovery, miraculously low levels of pain, and patience for the soon to be ensueing boredom and limit of food options.