This morning we were given another wedding present. It arrived in an envelope like so many others.

This one however, wins all the prizes.

It was a card, a message and some money from Caroline Cerovski. If you don't know who she is, suffice it to say that her husband died of cancer on September 27th. And yet she wished us the happiest of marriages, told us to take as many photos as possible, and said our wedding was a beautiful one. It's probably one of the most unselfish things I've seen anyone do in a while. I mean, she gave out of her financial poverty, but also her emotional poverty. I'm still floored by it.

Father, would you reward Caroline and her family so richly for the way she has blessed us. Like Job, may you return to her everything that was stolen, whether that be here or in Eternity. And would you teach me this level of humility too.