Heart of the City

It's Christmastime friends, and as we all know there are a good number of people in this city who won't be feeling the good times roll. If there's anything I like about Christmas, it's feeling the good times roll. So, to assist these poor, hungry and generally unloved people, my good friend DJ Shagz is involved in a fundraiser. I believe this is his second fundraiser recently, the last was to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. (I find it funny that people sometimes raise money for Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer doesn't need our money... it needs to be gotten rid of.)

Anyway... I highly recomend you drop by the Victory Cafe (581 Markham) on Saturday December 3rd for a night of good music, good dancing, and an opportunity to donate money and non-perishable food. DJ Shagz will be spinning (you heard him at Freshwind, and 2 Zeo parties. Jon Long likes him more than me.) plus DJs Dynamite Chris, Circe and special guest Travino all the way from sunny Ottawa.

Go here for the website, and go to the Victory Cafe to make a difference in someone's life.