Hands-on with the Xbox 360

I visit EB Games last night and took an Xbox 360 for a spin. First impressions: - It's big! From the promo material I thought it would be smaller than it is, but it's not much smaller than the original Xbox. It's not a big deal, I was just surprised. - It's shiny and sexy looking. Who wouldn't want one adorning their living room?

Games I only played King Kong, but it was sweet. I have King Kong on my desktop PC, so I had already played the levels, but it's better on the 360 than on my PC. Running on the LCD HDTV they had, it was honestly like looking through a portal and watching a real Kong fight a real T-Rex. No joke, it's disgusting.

Controllers Very very similar to the original. Which is good, cause that was my biggest concern. The only major difference is the black and white buttons have been removed, and button have been placed on the front of the controller, above the triggers (which have been moved a little lower). Other than that, the Start and Select buttons have been moved but that's no biggie.

Overall, I'm quite excited. I'm not planning on getting one until next Summer when the price has dropped, and I'll probably get a used one to boot.

Looking forward to: Dead or Alive 4 (Spartan 458 what! what!) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Halo 3