"Do you have a penny from before 1970?"

So, this is what my dear friends made me wear tonight, as we spent 2 hours at Playdium. I was assigned a task list which I had to complete. I wasn't told the consequences of failing; I thought it best not to ask. In order of completion, here are the 5 things I did (the minimum... but I couldn't really do much more, trust me.)

- Serenade two ladies
- Get a photo taken on someone's else camera *
- Find a penny from before 1970 **
- Sing the New Zealand national anthem from the top of the staircase
- Urinate in a public place and say, "Oops, looks like I peed me pants!"

In addition to those fun fun things we played plenty of arcades, air hockey and drunk some beers. Good times had by all...

* There was another guy there having his bachelor party. He was dressed up as a woman, with a dress, boobs, makeup and tiara. He actually requested a photo of the two of us, so that solved that problem. He's getting married October 1st; He wished me congratulations, I wished him the same.

** This proved to be the most difficult task of the night, by far. I asked probably 30 people - maybe more - for a penny. Some didn't have their purses, some didn't bother to look, and some were plain rude to me (but... who's to blame them, really ?). Eventually after explaining my sad tail to far too many people, one nice young girl had a penny from 1966. I cheered.