Customer Service in Church

I've been reading some interesting posts on Customer Service. My job in the Mailroom primarily involves service to other departments, but on occasion I do jobs for people outside of TACF. I regularly meet with suppliers though, and I've been thinking a lot about Customer Service lately, based on how I am treated by people.

I have one photocopier supplier who goes over my head and tries to woo my boss, all the time telling me his propaganda which he has clearly memorized from a booklet.

Or the shipping supplier who asked me on his first visit if I had something against his company, because he couldn't understand why I didn't change from a company I have had no problems with, to his one.

However, another photocopier supplier is very welcome in my office. He's friendly, asks how the job is going (knowing that it's new to me), and doesn't push his tracts on me. Then there's the Service Rep from the shipping company I use now, who's friendly, negotiates amazing prices, has the secretaries let me know if she'll be away, so I know who to direct questions to in her absence. Et cetera.

Same industries, very different response. Funnily enough, I received more Christmas baskets from companies I have do little, or no business with (yet, in their opinion).

I want to treat customers like people. Like I want to be treated. I'm considering looking into part-time work at Futureshop, in the service department. It's a nice mix of getting lost in computer systems, and sales.

Read Terry's (Terry is Brian's boss, Brian is on my blogroll) take on Customer Service in the Church. We're having a conference right now at TACF, and I think we could learn a few things about Customer Service. Not in any of our sales areas, but as a church overall.