Cinderella Man

I just got back from Maija's parents house in Scarborough. We had a birthday/thank you party for Maija/from her Mum, respectively. (Thank you was for helping out with her 25th wedding anniversary.)

After an afternoon full of sausages, hamburgs, swimming, ultra-violent "water polo", croquet, and other such nonsense, we went to see Cinderella Man.

"The story of James J. Braddock is the best human interest story in the history of the sport of boxing." - Damon Runyan

The movie opens to that quote, and I would tend to agree with it. It's the tale of a boxer who breaks his wrist one too many times, hits a bad losing streak, and then in the middle of the depression comes back from nowhere to worldwide boxing glory.

Russell Crow plays the lead, and he does a good boxer. Renee Zellweger who I normally detest wasn't bad at all. The script wasn't anything fancy, but it didn't need to be given the subject matter.

It certainly stirred the heart, and got the blood pumping. It's not one you'd want to take your granny too, if she's like mine and her leg stiffens up. Only things I didn't like about it was A) the fact that you don't really get to see him losing many fights, you just get told through subtitles; and B) I noticed a couple of dramaticized fake punches.

I give it a 7.5/10.