Christmas Vacation

Sorry for my last post. It seamed amusing when I was writing it but now that I read it it feels lacking. Oh well.

Anyway, here's some news that might be of greater interest. On much consideration, Maija and I have decided not to go to New Zealand this Christmas. There's a few reasons, but foremost is the fact that as such a good number of my family were here for the wedding it seems like a misappropriation of funds to go back and visit them all only six months later. We're now planning to coincide our visit with my mother's move home. That's right, mum and the brothers will be moving home, either next summer or the year after. They're all quite excited to do so. :)

So, that brings us back to what to do this Christmas? Well, each year Maija's grandparents go to Florida. They used to own a house down there, but sold it a few years back and have been condo-ing each time they go down. This time they've rented a nice big house, with a pool, sauna etc. And we'll be joining them! We're flying down for the 21st to the 29th of December.

I was not too thrilled at the idea of spending money to go anywhere this Christmas, but it was important to Maija, and I found flights that cost us $650 all up, so who could refuse? White Christmases are seriously overrated, trust me. Anyone from the Southern Hemisphere will agree.