Billy Ray

Last night I cut my hair into a mullet. Sadly, I must cut it off by Saturday at the latest. But it'll be a fun week. I've been singing Five Iron Frenzy to myself all night:

"Cutting it short on top,
I want that for me.
Growing it long in the back,
So savage and so free."

In other amusing news, my mother arrived back from the Catch the Wave cruise, and brought me a pipe! It's quite an interesting pipe, looking more like a Caribbean ganja pipe than an Irish gentleman's pipe. But that's quite alright. It's actually a nifty little thing, because it unscrews and you can rearrange it to different pipe shapes. All equally smokeable, but looking very different. I'll show you some time. I plan to light it up for the first time when I got to New Brunswick in May.

Oh yeah, I'm going to New Brunswick in May. I bought my lovely girlfriend airplane tickets for Valentine's Day, and we're flying out for May long weekend. We'll be visiting Jacob, my Dad, and some of Maija's family. It's gonna be great.

Last night I finally wrote some more of a screenplay I've been working on for a couple of years. I've been writing very sporadically, but it's almost done. I also laid down some sweet records. Good times.

You should all check out and hit up the Freshwind page. I'm on there. W00t.